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IfM Briefing: Developing industrial capabilities - for companies and countries

23 September 2019 / 04:30PM

Understanding and developing capabilities is an essential part of strategic management of businesses. It also matters for countries – particularly those finding themselves in rapidly changing environments. Professor David Teece has led the development of dynamic capability as a concept designed to enable businesses to navigate in changing environments through a better understanding of their current and necessary future capabilities. Professor Teece will explore the latest developments in thinking about dynamic capabilities, followed by Professor Tim Minshall who will consider the related issues for skills development, and Dr Paul Christodoulou and Frank Wagner who will share recent industrial experiences. A panel session will then consider key questions and practical implications for companies and governments.

Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring

24 September 2019 / 10:00AM

Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring is an approach to increasing the digital capabilities of small manufacturers (SMEs) via a series of low cost solutions. The aim is to rapidly accelerate digital use in SMEs by reducing both cost and complexity of solutions by making use of off-the-shelf technologies and open source software.

Cambridge B2B Exhibition

Wednesday 25 September 2019 / 10:00AM

The Cambridge B2B Exhibition gives you unrivalled promotional opportunities for your business within the Cambridge business community. Join us on the day to celebrate business, showcase products and services, gain business contacts and discuss new ideas and opportunities at our B2B in September. Taking place on Wednesday 25 September 2019, this B2B Exhibition gives you the opportunity to showcase your business, products and services to a wide range of fellow exhibitors and the many visitors.

2019 CIM Symposium - 26 and 27 September.

26 & 27 September 2019 / N/A

The 2019 CIM Symposium will take place at the Moller Centre on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 September 2019.

Growing UK Supply Chains for Materials & Components in Advanced Composites

26th September 2019 / 09:00AM

Composite materials offer a number of benefits – they are lighter, stronger, more durable and can offer added functionality when compared with other materials. Composites have the ability to improve a product’s performance and lifespan, there are also energy efficiency benefits associated with a lighter material. Applications are widespread in aerospace, automotive, defence, oil and gas, rail and construction industries to name a few. A Special Interest Group (SIG) project facilitated by the Knowledge Transfer Network and sponsored by Innovate UK has delivered a range of activities focused on the materials supply chain for advanced composites. As the project draws to a close this event aims to provide an overview of activities from across the materials for composites community, inform the community of the SIG outputs and look to build on priority areas identified through the SIG for government intervention. You should attend this event if you are interested in understanding the materials for composites supply chain and would like to help shape future funding within this area.

Circular Economy Finance

27 - 28 September 2019 / 08:00AM

Cambridge Judge Business School Circular Economy Centre and the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) Resilience and Sustainable Development Programme (RSDP) would like to welcome you to a Venture Weekend on Circular Economy Finance. What you will learn The Venture Weekend aims to provide candidates with a detailed understanding of circular economy models and their place in sustainability and in finance. It will also illustrate the role of systems thinking in ESG factors analysis. Targeted at investment professionals, the course aims to build the skills necessary to identify new value drivers in financial analysis and apply practical tools to modelling and decision making. Price: Corporate: £895 Individual: £500 University of Cambridge: £250 Booking closes on 22 September 2019.

Informal Networking Evening - Huntingdon

Monday 7 October 2019 / 05:00PM

Widen your connections with business people across Cambridgeshire for free. Our popular informal networking evenings continue to attract businesses of all sizes from a wide range of industry sectors and, most importantly, they’re free to attend.

Cambridge Safari Business Breakfast

Tuesday 8 October 2019 / 07:45AM

At our Business Breakfast you have the opportunity to meet new business connections through our popular safari networking. The relaxed but structured format offers guests the opportunity to move around the room and form connections with new business contacts from a wide range of industry sectors.

Strategic Roadmapping

9-10 October 2019 / N/A

Strategic roadmapping is a graphical approach that supports strategic planning. It enables companies to align technological capability and business plans so that corporate strategy and technology are coordinated in an integrative manner. This course will provide delegates with the knowledge and confidence to apply roadmapping concepts and methods within their own businesses.

Business Masterclasses - Taking Care of Business - keeping you, your customers and your business safe

Thursday 10 October 2019 / 11:30AM

Taking Care of Business - keeping you, your customers and your business safe.

•Want to make GDPR work for you and learn about good information handling?

•Want to reduce business crime by keeping your business data secure?

•Want to receive data security advice for small businesses and understand what to do when it goes wrong?

•Want to understand the changing landscape on payments and how you can be prepared?