EDGE; skills & training needs

EDGE is a unique partnership bringing together local businesses, jobseekers and those looking to improve their skills, training providers and schools.

Huntingdonshire is experiencing significant expansion, particularly with the inward investment focused around Alconbury Enterprise Campus. To capitalise on this opportunity it’s essential that the region develops a robust and skilled workforce.

The EDGE partnership gives companies access to targeted recruitment, training and development services with the clear intention of developing the skills needed and preparing those young people that are entering the job market. EDGE works with businesses to provide learning and development services for their existing and future workforce, advising them on training needs and development opportunities.

What EDGE will do for your business:

  • Recruitment and jobs brokerage service – EDGE works with established local companies or those moving into the area, matching people to positions or identifying skills gaps and co-ordinating a response.
  • Supporting apprenticeship programmes and matching service – Working with companies and secondary and further education colleges, EDGE is preparing young people with the skills that local businesses need.
  • Advice on work experience and work trial programmes – EDGE acts as the co-ordinator between the needs of businesses and the education authorities.
  • Business support – Access to business support surgeries is available through the HDC Economic Development Team. Each session will focus on topical information and is supported by existing business networks including the Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Small Businesses. As one of the key partners of EDGE, the GCGP LEP also reports on market intelligence and surveys carried out locally and nationally.
  • Coordinating businesses and education – Helping businesses to shape the school curriculum to meet the needs of local businesses and industries.

For more information visit:- www.sharperskills.co.uk/ call 01480 435654 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.