Let's Get Your Company Moving in Cambridgeshire

Get your employees more active!

The workplace is an important setting to encourage employees to increase their levels of activity to benefit their health and protect against the most common health problems. Physical activity is essential for good health and contributes to positive wellbeing.

Benefits of a physically active workforce

Promoting physical activity in the workplace provides the following benefits to employees:

  • better fitness and health
  • enhanced productivity and morale
  • improved team spirit and job satisfaction
  • lower stress
  • improved communication and inter-personal relationship among employees and
  • improved concentration and mental sharpness.

Benefits of a physically fit workforce for employers

Instituting a health and wellness program in the workplace also benefits the employer. The benefits of a healthy and fit workforce for employers include: 

  • reduced absenteeism and employee turnover
  • lower stress among staff
  • enhanced productivity and efficiency in the company as a whole
  • an improved corporate image
  • better relations between management and staff.


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