iMET Partner with Codem to Deliver New Composites Apprenticeship

The making of the Composites Technician apprenticeship at iMET, is an exclusive opportunity to put the Peterborough, Cambridge and Huntingdon areas at the forefront of composites manufacturing, and therefore will grow the local economy.

The new Composites Apprenticeship has been developed through the close partnership between iMET and local business Codem Composites, along with National Composites Centre to tailor the training prospectus to meet the specialised needs of the composites industry.

For local businesses like Codem, it is this tailored, bespoke training approach that makes the difference and will help them to secure the future availability of skilled employees as they gear up to meet their future growth plans in this dynamic sector.

“Apprenticeships are a great way for us to bring in new talent into our business. Being able to partner with iMET to develop Composite training that truly represent our business is a huge step forward for us, reducing the need for additional inhouse training. It also helps us to attract and retain our staff longer term as our business grows.” - Monika Wiacek, Training Coordinator, Codem Composites Ltd.

 iMET’s advanced training approach is industry led, ensuring that their advanced engineering programmes are tailored to deliver businesses with exactly the kind of skills they need to grow. Furthermore, iMET is dedicated to working with local businesses in Peterborough, Cambridge, Huntingdon and the surrounding areas to develop and deliver apprenticeships and short courses tailored to meet these changing needs.

You can talk to iMET today about how they can support your business, by visiting their website here.