STFC Bridging for Innovators Programme

Bridging for Innovators (known as B4I) is a programme run by Science Technology Facilities Council (STFC) to support UK industry. It started in 2017 and will end in March 2021.

B4I is designed to help companies overcome difficult product, manufacturing or process performance problems by leveraging more than £2b worth of government investment in large scale scientific infrastructure.

The programme will provide access to advanced analytical technologies, supporting expertise and capabilities to companies through STFC’s large scale science facilities located at the various campuses around the UK including Harwell, Daresbury and the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh.


B4I will fund all of STFC’s contribution to the project and total project cost must be matched by the company through and in-kind contribution. Note that B4I will not contribute to any costs incurred by the company in relation to the project.

The level of in-kind contribution will be determined by the size of the company as detailed in the table below:

Company sizeCompany size criteriaIn-kind contribution
Micro Staff headcount < 10 Turnover ≤ €2m OR Balance sheet total of ≤ €2m 30%
Small Staff headcount < 50 Turnover ≤ €10m OR Balance sheet total of ≤ €10m 30%
Medium Staff headcount < 250 Turnover ≤ €50m OR Balance sheet total of ≤ €43m 40%
Large Staff headcount > 250 Turnover > €50m OR Balance sheet total of > €43m 50%

Companies may apply under de minimis rules where B4I will fund 100% of STFC project costs and no in-kind contribution is required. To be eligible through this route the company must not have received more than €200,000 de minimis state aid over the previous three years including any funding through B4I. The maximum project costs eligible under de minimis is £50,000.

What is not in scope?

  • Fundamental research
  • New product development
  • Market analysis
  • Testing and measurement services


Companies wishing to apply for B4I must:

  • Be a UK based business of any size registered at Companies House  
  • Have a manufacturing base for the relevant product in the UK or provide the relevant service in the UK



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