Ambitious Growth

Lying within Cambridgeshire – a county recognised as one of the most vibrant economies in the country - Huntingdonshire has seen significant growth in recent years and will continue to do so. Over 7, 000 jobs have been created in the district over the last decade alongside the establishment of a significant house building programme.  

A wide range of quality and affordable property and land options across all types of business and residential use is available within the district whilst the on-going and imminent development of a number of strategic mixed use sites will ensure this ambitious growth agenda continues.

At the heart of this growth is:

Alconbury Weald Enterprise Campus – part of a wider mixed use development and the largest brownfield development site in single ownership in the South East of England.  The Enterprise Campus  – a 1,420 acre site that will deliver 8,000 jobs, 5,000 homes and 700 acres of green space. Integral to the site is Alconbury Enterprise Campus – a 150 acre Enterprise Zone offering high quality business space for high tech, high value focussed businesses.

St Neots Eastern Expansion
226ha of land east of St Neots is proposed for mixed use sustainable development and will comprise approximately 3,820 homes, approximately 25ha of employment land and a local centre of some 3ha containing offices

Huntingdonshire's continous growth is further witnessed by the £1.5 billion A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Upgrade. The latest details relating to this project can be found here

Further illustration of the District's dynamism is the on-going development of Huntingdon Town Centre, the development of a state of the art £10.5 million iMET Technical and Vocational Training Centre and the 24%, and rising, adoption of fibre broadband by local households and businesses.




Huntingdonshire District Council's Economic Growth Plan 2103-2013 can be viewed here